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Galahad Drug And Alcohol Education and Presentations

Galahad SMS Ltd has been developing and delivering cutting edge substance misuse presentations and education for the past 20 years. We have worked with the uniformed services, sporting organisations, schools and companies around the world. Substance misuse education is especially important if your employees are involved with safety critical work, they need to be educated on the effects of substance misuse and the consequences.
Galahad's education programmes now cover Steroid and supplement abuse.  Steroids are more readily available now than they have ever been and are being used by an ever younger generation. Galahad can design and deliver bespoke substance misuse presentations and education programmes for any organisation. Presentations can be backed up with full e-learning support packages. Galahad Drug And Alcohol Education And Presentations can serve as a powerful tool for making people aware of the issues surrounding alcohol/substance abuse.


Galahad SMS Ltd

Steroid use


Steroid use is on the rise among the general population, not just with body builders and athletes. The body image pressure on women spawned a whole dieting industry to 'help' them get smaller and now the steroids industry is booming to 'help' (mainly) men get bigger. Steroid users are everywhere and from a young man's perspective they can seem like the obvious answer to getting bigger and looking 'hench'.

Steroids are essentially illegal to possess without a prescription, Read more



Using Informed-sport.com is currently the only way people that need to steer clear of contaminated substances in their sport supplements, such as serving personnel and athletes, can be sure the products they are taking are safe. Informed sport was set up by HFL labs, HFL is part of the LGC company, the same people that carry out urine testing for various organisations.

Many people think that informed sport is somehow linked to, or sponsored by Maximuscle. We cannot find any truth in this rumour, Read more

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